The uEducateUs Kiosk

The simple way to drop-off & pickup your child, whether they’re preschoolers or students arriving late or leaving early.
Kiosk entries also integrate with the attendance rolls so educators and teachers know who’s in class at all times.

School Kiosk

  • There’s no need to refer to paper records. Parents can drop-off & pickup their children, staff can sign in and out, while visitors can register to use a code to quickly sign in and out.
    All you need is an Apple iPad and the uEducateUs Kiosk app and you're good to go.
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Preschool Attendance

  • Kiosk manages preschool attendance, keeping records of which children are present, when they are signed in or out, and by whom. It can also look after staff and visitor attendance for you.
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More Features

  • uEducateUs includes student management, communication, calendars and timetables, easy event scheduling and automatic permission note generation, togethter with clear reporting and easy to read graphs.
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TRY uEducateUs

  • Sign up your school for a free 14 day trial of uEducateUs. It’s a one-hour setup with free training.
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uEducateUs Features

Learn about the uEducateUs features that’ll help school administrators, teachers, parents and students work smarter.


Centralised easy to use communication for School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students, available via their uEducateUs account. Send announcements & newsletters, alerts for student attedance and setup parent/teacher interviews.

School Attendance

uEducateUs Attendance makes marking the roll easy. But that’s not all it offers. Get onscreen and PDF attendance reports, set notifications for teachers and parents and it even integrates with the Victorian Education Department CASES21 system.


Add school and class timetables and assign to teacher accounts. Add appointments, meetings and events to the Diary. Generate permission slips for off-site events and send direct to parent accounts for approval. Setup parent/teacher interviews which are added automatically when a time and date are chosen.

Student Management

Get a complete picture of Student personal, behavioural and medical details, classes, activity and progress. Assign tasks and reading goals. Record class attendance quickly and easily and see attendance notes and permission forms.

Data Analysis

Track student progress with easy to read graphs that integrate with NAPLAN and a number of other assessment tools.

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Generate PDF reports on all aspects of School administration, including student and class attendance, individual academic reporting, semester reports and student incidents.


uEducateUs is accessible 24/7 via your account and meets stringent security required by the Victorian Government and the Victorian Education Department.

Apple and Android Apps

Login to your uEducateUs account with an App.

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About Us

Jason started uEducateUs in 2012 after finding the school management system at his Children’s school difficult and frustrating to use.

uEducateUs now helps many schools in Victoria make life easier for administrators, teachers, parents and children.