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“…We love the fact that we can ring and speak to someone…”

“The support we receive from the team at uEducateUs is absolutely amazing. We love the fact that we can ring and speak to someone, not just having to raise a ticket and possibly wait for a reply. Thankyou guys and keep up the great work”.
Village School Inc

“…I would highly recommend uEducateUs to schools…”

"We began using uEducateUs at the beginning of 2023. Before this we were using at least five different programs/apps within our school to communicate with families, track a variety of the children's data, track attendance and sign in sign out of children, staff and visitors as well as for student reporting and Parent Teacher bookings. Moving across to uEducateUs has meant that most of our parent communication and the tasks parents need to accomplish are all within one app on their phone or mobile device. Parents are enjoying the experience of using uEducateUs and so are the administrative staff at school.

The staff at uEducateUs are very helpful and will always make the time to have conversations to help resolve an issue or misunderstanding of how something works. We have moved slowly introducing each module separately and at each step the staff have been willing to spend time over video conferencing to explain the steps and answer questions. The staff and uEducateUs management are also open to discussing improvements to the product and finding quicker ways to achieve something. In our experience, all of our dealings with uEducateUs have been positive and our suggestions for improvements have been taken on board to be investigated.

I would highly recommend uEducateUs to schools looking for a product that will save principals and staff time, support students, streamline much of the communication with parents and is easy to use"
Anthony Drill
Principal at St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School

“…The modules are intuitive and easy to use…”

“We have been using uEducateUs for around 6 months. So far, we are using the Student Management, Attendance and Reporting modules, however our usage is growing as we become more familiar with the system. We plan to transition from our existing communication App to the uEducateUs system soon.

As one of uEducateUs’s first Western Australian schools, there were some initial developments required to meet WA Compliance reporting. The team at uEducateUs have been extremely responsive to our requests, making sure that the required developments are available in time for the varied reports we have to submit. Any feedback I have given has been graciously received, and I feel that my input for possible improvements is valued.

The modules are intuitive and easy to use - our teachers were very excited about the ease of use of the Semester reports! As a very small (< 100 students) independent school, uEducateUs meets our needs and budget well.”
Whitney Weaver
Administrator at Woodbury Boston Primary School

“…I find the uEducateUs App really handy…”

“As a Parent at the School I find the uEducateUs App really handy. I can see everything I need to that relates to me and my child. This includes my profile and a photo of my child and all his details. I have access to see the school calendar, student reports, book and view my teacher interview times and even download the latest newsletter (no more searching at the bottom of a schoolbag for a scrunched up version!)

The best thing about the app is Notifications – I can let the school know if my child will be absent and for what reason and the school can send me notifications if an event is cancelled. It certainly has made school life easier for this mum.”
Tina Dorin
Parent at Lucknow Primary School

“…uEducateUs provides everything our school needs…”

Our school adopted uEducateUs as our School Management System in 2017 and have not looked back!

The transition process from our previous School Management System to uEducateUs was a smooth and easy transition. The Support Team ensured we were ready to go as soon as the set up was complete on their end which we found very helpful and time saving.

The system provides everything our school needs, in a logical and easy to follow format.

We have progressively rolled out the modules to staff with impressive feedback from teaching and administrative staff. We are currently rolling out the program, to the rest of the community, with no issues, at this stage.

The easy to navigate platform allows staff to communicate with ease, all administrative duties are made much simpler and any need for double handling has been eliminated.

What I like most with the uEducateUs team is that they will listen to the needs of any school, regardless of size. Any suggestions we have made are seriously considered, with follow up contact.

The uEducateUs team understands the complexities involved in meeting school needs and go above and beyond to assist where needed therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending uEducateUs to other schools.
Andrew Kenyon
Principal of Swan Reach Primary School

“…All of our staff, parents and students love the new system…”

Making the change to a new School Management system can be daunting, but uEducateUs made it smooth and easy! All of our staff, parents and students love the new system, user friendly, interactive and accessible on the go.
Kelly Lord
Business Manager of Mitta Mitta Primary School

“…their help desk is fantastic, they listen to what you need…”

We changed to uEducateUs, which enabled us to amalgamate three separate systems.

We are finding it much more user friendly and have 90%+ families now using uEducateUs.

It is not perfect, but their help desk is fantastic, they listen to what you need and contact you when they have added your suggestions. Loving it ☺
Joanne Solly
Business Manager of Eagle Point Primary School

“…It’s a one stop shop for teachers and parents…”

As a small, rural school, we were looking for a way to connect with our families as well as to electronically align information such as attendance, reporting and wellbeing.

We are thrilled by what uEducateUs offers us - it’s a one stop shop for teachers and parents!

The platform is easy to navigate and if we have been unsure in the early stages of use, technical support have been outstanding - both prompt and user friendly.

I have recommended this program to many other schools - I can’t rate the product, technical support and customer services more highly!
Rachel Saunders
Principal of Bethanga Primary School

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