“…The easy to navigate platform allows staff to communicate with ease, all administrative duties are made much simpler and any need for double handling has been eliminated…“
Principal Andrew Kenyon, Swan Reach Primary School

Classrooms are for teaching

uEducateUs centralises and streamlines administration tasks in your classroom, and puts student overviews at your fingertips so you can keep an eye on their progress, their wellbeing and communicate with them and their parents.


Login and find notifications, tasks, calendars and quick links to important items on the homepage.

And if you need help you can check out our online Knowledgebase.

Manage student attendance

Mark the roll, check for absent notes and get onscreen and PDF attendance reports. Parents are automatically notified if students are absent without explanation. uEducateUs is one of the vendors approved by the Victorian Education Department to write school attendance data back to Cases21.


Create tasks, individual learning plans, view timetables and track student reading activity.


Write up your tasks, and add attachments, then assign to students, groups or classes. Students get notifications when they’re assigned, and teachers can monitor student engagement with the curriculum.

Semester Reporting

Easy to read graphs help track student progress and integrate with NAPLAN and a number of other assessment tools. Then when it comes to writing semester reports, all student information is at your fingertips.

Manage student

You can take notes on student behaviour, medical events and behaviour activities, and log incidents on the spot with any smartphone or tablet.

Case Notes

Easily record and track ongoing student checks, assessments and interventions in the Case Notes module.

Incident Reporting

Reporting incidents is simple with uEducateUs, and teachers can record perpetrator and victim incident details and times. All aspects of the incident can be tracked and edited from inception to completion. There’s also a full audit trail, so changes are recorded and visible in reports.

Permission slip events

Permission slips are issued through the system and sent direct to parent accounts. Then they can approve or reject them in the same way.


Chat one-on-one or in selected groups with uEducateUs Communication.


uEducateUs has a full featured notification system. Users can control the notifications they receive, from email, push (if app installed on phone), and SMS. Parents are automatically notified if students are absent without explanation.


Use announcements to broadcast messages to selected recipients, groups or your community.


Students, teachers and parents can converse using an internal system that’s a lot like SMS messaging.

Other Reporting

You can generate PDF reports on anything from student attendance to parent activity. And if you don’t find what you need raise a support request and we’ll create a custom report for you.

Useful information

The Victorian Department of Education & Training (DET) have created a page of useful information for schools.

Learn how it works

We created a demo video to show you how uEducateUs works.

Setup a free trial

Contact Sales Support to get a free trial with your school data. It’s the best way to experience the system.