Reduce costs and increase integration

In this case study we examine how uEducateUs helped reduce costs and increase systems integration for Tyers Primary School.

Problem overview

Tyers Primary School began using the uEducateUs school administration system, but at the time no progress and semester reports were available. Instead, they used a third-party system for this purpose.

This meant there were:
  • Two login accounts for each user;
  • Two application license fees.
Additionally, it was a manual process to transfer relevant data from the third-party system to uEducateUs and vice-versa.

Solution Summary

uEducateUs rolled out progress and semester reporting, which after initial testing allowed Tyers to retire the third party application. This led to a more seamless experience for all Tyers Primary School staff.

More importantly, uEducateUs came as a complete system with no hidden costs. This was highlighted by the principal as a major selling point and reason to remain with the system.