Automate manual systems

In this case study we examine how uEducateUs helped Tyers Primary School automate mandatory attendance reporting, and communicate better with staff and parents.

Problem overview

Like other Victorian Public Schools, Tyers Primary school is required to add their attendance rolls to the Cases21 system.

Additionally, their communication with parents and students was manual in nature, and items such as permission slips would regularly go missing.

Solution summary

Tyers agreed to run a pilot of uEducateUs to determine if it was suitable for their requirements.

Initial setup was a little confusing, but once issues were ironed out, they found the system intuitive and useful. The system contained enough functionality to meet their needs, including:
  • enrollments
  • class attendance rolls, which are pushed to the school “u” drive, which is then imported to Cases21, and
  • communication with staff and parents.
In addition, they were impressed that uEducateUs were responsive to change requests to improve useability.