The Kiosk efficiently manages attendance by maintaining student records, sign-in and sign-out times. Additionally, it extends its functionality to include staff and visitors / contractors tracking, offering a comprehensive solution for your school.



Attendance Rolls

Student arrivals and departures are recorded by the Kiosk which automatically updates students attendance rolls.


Attendance records are automatically written back to Cases21 during scheduled updates.

Evacuations made simpler

In the case of an evacuation, just grab the kiosk on your way out and you’ll have a full list of currently signed-in visitors.

Manage Kiosk Activity

Administrators can run reports and manage Kiosk activity via their uEducateUs account.

Kiosk Brochures

Download Kiosk factsheets for more detailed information.

How it works

The Kiosk manages students, staff and visitors / contractors, so you will know who is on-site within your school.
All you need is an Apple iPad (BYO iPad) and the uEducateUs Kiosk App.

Drop-off and Pick-up Students

Parents / Guardians and authorised adults use their Kiosk Code to sign students in and out during the day.

Visitors / Contractors

Visitors / Contractors sign-in with their personal details and register in the system for speedier sign in and out. They’re also included in the Kiosk evacuation report.

Staff Sign-in / Sign-out

Staff can use their Kiosk code to sign in and out during the day and select a reason from a drop down list if they’re arriving late or leaving early.